8 poster presentations will appear in ISID2022

1. Chunzhi Gu, Chao Zhang, Exploring Multiple Motion Hypotheses from Weakly-informed Condition
2. Tsubasa Takano, Takumi Nakane, Jun Yu, Haoran Xie, Chao Zhang, An Image Dataset for First-Person Tactile Paving Detection
3. Yiliang Lin, Chao Zhang, Jun Yu, Generation of Adversarial Examples using Two-Stage Differential Evolution
4. Shun Maeda, Chunzhi Gu, Chao Zhang, Speaking Time Measurement without Face Information
5. Jiahao Weng, Chao Zhang, Xi Yang, Haoran Xie, Interactive Design Interface for Educational Video Retrieval and Summarization
6. Jianjian Qin, Chunzhi Gu, Jun Yu, Chao Zhang, Structural Anomaly Detection using Knowledge Distillation
7. Takumi Nakane, Taiki Miyamura, Jun Yu, Chao Zhang, A Model Selection Method for Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Algorithms
8. Katsuya Hotta, Chao Zhang, A Parallel Implementation for Sparse Subspace Clustering